“It Will Never Stop Screaming”

“It Will Never Stop Screaming”

The frail little shaman greeted Jacob at the door and ushered him
inside. The house looked normal enough, Jacob thought, apart from the
animals in various stages of being taxidermied.

“Sit,” the shaman said. “I will get it for you.”

Jacob was on pins and needles. The quest had almost ruined him, both
financially and mentally, but this time he knew it was for real.

The shaman returned and placed an item in front of him. It was an
animal, a fox, expertly mounted. Its eyes were somehow glowing.

Jacob trembled, but he knew what to do. He met the fox’s intense stare
and focused his mind on a single thought. “I want to live forever.”

After a while came a moment when he felt himself floating, unable to
feel his own body. Then, he found himself staring at his own face. For
a moment there was terror there, then his entire body relaxed and
slumped to the floor.

But Jacob himself was not on the floor, which was an impossible

The shaman came into view. He smiled, pointed down at Jacob’s body and
said, “Do you mind if I take that?”

Within the fox, Jacob’s soul screamed.



Thanks for reading!

Written for the Sunday Photo Fiction – October 1st 2017

For more stories based on this prompt, go to the linkup.

199 words.


17 thoughts on ““It Will Never Stop Screaming”

  1. Oh no, looks like Jacob trusted the wrong person! He should have read my little fable first, and heeded the lesson. Interesting idea, though, the scam that this guy is running. I wonder what he does with the dead bodies…

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ah yes, poor Jacob. Flies shouldn’t go hunting for goodies in a spider’s web.
      The body is unharmed so I expect the shaman will transfer his soul inside it forthwith,
      and stay there until a healthier fly comes along. 😉

      Liked by 1 person

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