“When Lightning Strikes”

“When Lightning Strikes”

His whole gang was cheering him on. Everyone, except the pretty, new
girl. She was standing alone, looking away.

“Gotcha!” Rick yelled out as he finally caught the bird. “Who wants to
see me squish it?”

“Yeah! Crush it! Smash it!” his gang shouted.

The bird struggled to escape his grip. Rick felt good. He wished the
pretty girl would look at him, see his power.

She did turn her head, but her eyes were wide with dread and
overflowing with tears. She held his gaze and ever so slightly,
imploringly, shook her head.

Thunderstruck, Rick let the bird escape.



Thanks for reading!

Written for the Friday Fictioneers

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100 words.

PHOTO PROMPT Β© Douglas M. MacIlroy


15 thoughts on ““When Lightning Strikes”

    1. That would certainly be sensible! I wanted to describe her reasons for joining and staying in the gang in more detail but ran out of words. Suffice to say she’s kind of trapped too, like the bird. But maybe she and “new” Rick can break free now. Thanks for reading!


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