Hello there,

I’m Sonny, pleased to meet you.

Hopefully, you’re into flash-fiction and other short story formats because that’s all you’ll find here for the foreseeable future. Well, that and some of my ramblings I expect.

I’m kind of new at this whole writing thing even though I’ve wanted to write stories for the longest time. So far I’ve focused on writing flash fiction and short stories, which has been great! I’ve completed several stories already. The fact that they are so short pains me a little, but hey, at least the are DONE (I tell myself). That’s huge for me.

To reiterate, I am new at this. There must be lots of ways in which I can improve my writing. Please let me know if you think you can help me improve in any way, spelling, grammar, plot, characters, etc.

Thanks to everyone who has pushed the like-button and/or written a friendly comment. I appreciate it, thank you.


Sonny Price