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“Dear diary, I’m a house!”

“Dear diary, I’m a house!”

Dear diary,

I was born today! It turns out I’m a house. ­čśÇ See, I wasn’t┬ásure. Honestly! I was thinking I was gonna be a boat for the longest┬átime! Stupid me, right? In my defense though, it IS a bit difficult to┬áthink straight while you’re being built. But yay, today I’m done!

And get this, I was built by ONE guy! Amazing. He seems nice. The┬ásilent, dependable type, you know? Must’ve been hard to build a whole┬áhouse on his own though. I wonder why his friends didn’t help? Maybe┬áhe doesn’t have any..? ­čśŽ Don’t worry Mr. Maker, I’ll be┬áyour friend!

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