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“The Difficult Child”

“The Difficult Child”

Waiting in the queue with Diana had been exhausting, but they would soon board the cruise ship and then their vacation could finally begin. Seven years ago, the pediatrician had told them Diana would be a “difficult” child, and wow, had she delivered.

Suddenly, Diana started spinning around, flailing her arms about like a windmill, shouting “Whoosh! Whoosh!”

“Diana,” her mother said. “What are you doing?”

“I’m not Diana, I’m the TARDIS!” she yelled.

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“When Lightning Strikes”

“When Lightning Strikes”

His whole gang was cheering him on. Everyone, except the pretty, new
girl. She was standing alone, looking away.

“Gotcha!” Rick yelled out as he finally caught the bird. “Who wants to
see me squish it?”

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“It Will Never Stop Screaming”

“It Will Never Stop Screaming”

The frail little shaman greeted Jacob at the door and ushered him
inside. The house looked normal enough, Jacob thought, apart from the
animals in various stages of being taxidermied.

“Sit,” the shaman said. “I will get it for you.”

Jacob was on pins and needles. The quest had almost ruined him, both
financially and mentally, but this time he knew it was for real.

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“Long Time No See, Frank”

“Long Time No See, Frank”

The chief emerged from behind a pile of boxes, triumphantly holding up a Frankenstein-plushy. “Hey rookie, look! It’s Frank!”

Officer Evans forced a smile. Taking stock of the evidence room with the boss proved to be just as weird and uncomfortable as he’d expected.

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