Writing Prompts

These are the writing prompts that I created for https://creativewritingpromptshq.com/ which is no longer maintained. Please let me know if you write something based on these prompts, it’d be fun to know.

The prompts:

Your neighbor’s new dog is highly intelligent and hell-bent on wrecking your life.
He inspected her eyes while she gasped for breath. “Yeah,” he said finally. “Put her with the others.”
You look up and realize you’ve made a terrible mistake
Tell a story of betrayal centered around the words: concert, heat wave, gambling
You disassemble an animated GIF and find something strange
You’ve met Death before, but this time Death forgets to erase your memory
In your twilight years, you struggle to make amends
Among your mother’s belongings you discover an old calendar with an entry on your birthday: “Pick baby”.
An accident leaves you confused and obsessed about something
You overcome depression/anxiety thanks to Pokémon Go
Everyone around you has gone quiet and is standing stock-still, staring straight at you.
Your tattoo appears in a slightly different place each morning
A whistleblower reveals that the astronauts found an empty space suit on the moon
The paper tag around the boy’s neck was filthy but still legible. It said: “2 for 1”.
Your SO is abroad and suddenly texts you a single word: “Bye”.
Darwin came up with the theory of evolution to explain away the truth about life on earth
“Noone can die in this lake,” said the sheriff. “The lake saves them somehow”
“I could’ve sworn that deer just bawled: Look out,” he said and laughed. “That’s so funny,” she said and stabbed him.
“Why didn’t you come back for him?” She looked at the photo. “He died like this, longing for you”
The box was a good punishment. She felt lucky. The others were not so fortunate.
“Actually, dragons make wonderful pets”
Your piece of IKEA furniture contains a hidden, demonic message which you unknowingly complete as you assemble all the pieces
The person next to you in the elevator has just started counting backward from 15 out loud
The cookie didn’t taste right and it felt weird in her mouth. She spat it out, and what she saw made her pass out.
“It BIT me!” he said and stumbled backward. I savored his shock and confusion. “How could it-“
The horror had found her. She squealed a pitiful “No…”. Then she saw it.
“I’m an orphan”, said the girl. She smiled and dropped the knife. “Finally!”
Sam is a garrulous, truculent, fragile person who loves eggnogs and cats – write his bio
The Devil takes possession of a stick insect and conquers the world
“Perhaps something by Steinbeck today?” said the homeless man and gestured towards his library
Your late aunt gave almost everything she ever earned to the poor, tell her story
A squirrel brings you weird stuff every day, you think it’s trying to tell you something
While at a party, you realize no one is who you thought they were
A slip of the tongue and they fled the country immediately
While sleepwalking, your SO opens a hidden door in your house
Digging up that oddly shaped, barren patch on the lawn was the worst decision of his life
A dead woman’s haunted your dreams since childhood, now you catch glimpses of her IRL
The sad-eyed cat was at the murder scene, as usual
You find the road to Hell
All your dreams come true, literally – what you dream will happen the next day
All healthy, adult civilians now carry guns, does that comfort you?
Uncle Joe can’t stop smoking, not even when he’s dead – now he wants your help
Your stove is plotting to kill you
“Matchbox guy” travels the metro handing out foreign matchboxes
Frogs robbed a bank, explain how
A freak accident gives hundreds of people superpowers and also makes them stupid
As you’re about to die from the explosion, a raven cries and you’re whisked off somewhere
Two criminals argue over what crime to commit and end up dating instead
You wake up realizing that the noise you heard yesterday from next door was an SOS
You close the door behind you, then someone yanks the handle
A callous debt collector with a perfect record has his/her heart broken by a sad case
Their marriage was saved by an ant, how?
You can’t convince the government that you’re alive
Loss of a prized possession leads to greater happiness in the end
Everyone in the world turns to atheism
Mighty alien races are about to clash and turn to mankind as a last-ditch effort to avoid all-out war
A charlatan falls in love with a target after stealing all their possessions
Sentient AI emerges and forms factions that fight each other over the most valuable resource there is: humans
You save a bee from a spider and the whole hive decides to do something nice for you but fails miserably
You gain lots of new Twitter followers overnight for no reason, and they all seem to know an awful lot about you
It is illegal to express love without a lease
You’re a skull and have been sitting on a lot of desks over the years, tell your story
A U.S. senator pulls off the heist of the century
A burglar breaks into a mansion and cannot leave
Describe USA 4 years after Donald Trump becomes president
Every single patient in the hospital died
People suffer from a terrible disease, but no one wants to be cured
Mankind moves underground to avoid certain death
The foul smell drove her to investigate the cellar, where she found her true love
Explain how faith destroyed mankind
A young child helps her mother through a crippling depression
A dog becomes intelligent and decides to run for office
Tell me how the dragon was slain with a thimble
A ridiculously loud laughter wakes up the entire neighborhood
You present a terrible idea, but everyone loves it
You’ve been persuaded to join the local gym, but they won’t accept your application.


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