“Long Time No See, Frank”

“Long Time No See, Frank”

The chief emerged from behind a pile of boxes, triumphantly holding up a Frankenstein-plushy. “Hey rookie, look! It’s Frank!”

Officer Evans forced a smile. Taking stock of the evidence room with the boss proved to be just as weird and uncomfortable as he’d expected.

The chief gazed lovingly upon the plushy. “He was here all this time… See rookie, there was a string of murders in these parts a while back. The killer always brought Frank with him so Frank could watch him ‘work’. When the killer lost him, the murders stopped.”

An alarm bell went off inside Evans’ brain. Something was wrong…

The chief turned to Evans. “There was just no point going on without Frank watching, you know?” The look in his eyes made Evans take a step back, but the chief followed and held up Frank close to Evans’ face. Evans cringed in fear and disgust and backed away further.

“Look into his eyes!”

Evans whimpered and shook his head.

“Shh. Shh. It’s OK, kid. It’ll be over soon,” the chief said and leaped at him.

Evans squealed, and just like that, the chief was on the floor, roaring with laughter.

“Happy Halloween, Evans!”



Thanks for reading!

Written for the Sunday Photo Fiction – October 30th 2016

For more stories based on this prompt, go to the linkup.

198 words.


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